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How to have an erection
Over the last century the population conducted polls showed that a list of the stresses associated with marriage, led by money. Pollsters asked people not [...]
Unusual allergies
Allergies can cause any substance – usually a protein nature. However, it is not always food or medicine, as we used to think. For example, one of [...]
Diets with allergies
The basis of the treatment of any allergic disease – avoiding contact with the allergen and reducing the overall antigenic load on the body. It is [...]
Allergy and Psychosomatics
The unique study was conducted several years ago in Finland. A group of scientists gathered allergist-immunologist people suffering from some form of [...]
Alimentary allergy
At an allergy violation stool (diarrhea, constipation or alternating) can seriously spoil life. At the same time even for an expert, uses the most modern [...]
Allergy to alcohol
People who love a good time for a glass of an alcoholic beverage are harmful to their health and well-being. The most simple – a hangover in the [...]
Allergy skin: Symptoms and Treatment
Cutaneous manifestations accompany most allergic reactions. Allergy skin can occur both by direct contact with an allergen (contact dermatitis, insect [...]
Allergy to face: how to recognize and how to treat?
Allergy to face – is a collective term that encompasses a number of clinical entities allergies occurring with involvement in the pathological [...]
Allergy symptoms
Allergic reactions are characterized by a variety of clinical forms and symptoms. Sometimes even experienced physicians is difficult to recognize them [...]
Allergy to cats
Allergy to cats
Allergies – not uncommon in the modern world. The reactions produce medicines, foods, dust, insects, clothing. However, the most unfortunate for the [...]